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4 Tips How To Nail Your Next Online Audition

by Melanie Forchetti

Casting is all about self-tapes or online auditions these days. Trust me, we all miss in-person casting sessions where we get to meet you, have some nice one-on-one time, and really get a sense of what you bring to the table. Hopefully, we will all get back to those at some point, but until then, here are some tips on how to nail your next Zoom audition.

  1. Do the work! Strangely enough, producers have higher expectations with both self-tapes and online sessions than with in-person auditions. I guess they think you guys have had ample time to rehearse and prepare even though that may not be the case. We’re now so used to streaming content on screens, we will automatically compare your performance to something we just saw on Netflix. So it’s a must to find the time to work on the script, prepare your character and bring your A-game!

  2. Less is more – especially on Zoom sessions. I’m sure you’ve heard that saying at some point in your career while working in front of a camera and it is absolutely true for online auditions as well. We literally have a front row seat, as if you are sitting a foot away from us. It’s an intimate setting and one that you can use to your advantage. Reel us in with subtext, dazzle us with subtleties in your performance, and always deliver honesty.

  3. Personality counts. One thing for you to know is that with online auditions, we have the capability of seeing a lot of talent – more than in-person. Of course we are looking for talented actors but we are also looking for people we want to work with! One way to stand apart from the competition is to be yourself, offer graciousness, ask questions, and have a quick, interesting answer ready for our usual “tell me something about yourself” question. Don’t forget – it’s your time to shine!

  4. And remember first impressions are key. Since online sessions force casting to make decisions mostly on what we see, make sure your camera shows you off at your best. Position the camera on your computer in front of you and slightly above yourself for the most complementary angle. Sit in front of a window or light source so we can clearly see your face. A plain solid background is best. Take a tip from the news broadcasters by wearing a solid color top – usually not white or black or a busy pattern.

Perfecting your Zoom performances can leapfrog you ahead of the pack and following these common sense tips can help you get there. As always, wishing you much success and look forward to seeing you on one of my screens soon too!

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